10 Best Paintball Pants in 2021
Best Paintball Pants

10 Best Paintball Pants in 2021

Anyone looking to play paintball needs to choose the right equipment, and the best paintball pants are up there with your choice of a paintball marker, hopper, and paintballs.

Paintball is an enjoyable game, but you need the best protection to avoid injuring yourself. You might not think pants are high on the list of protective gear. But think about what you’re going to be sliding, jumping, and crawling around-rocks, stones, gravel, tree stumps, and thorns. If you’re playing in rain or snow, it’s difficult to see what’s below you when you throw yourself to the ground looking for cover. 

So, yeah, choosing the best paintball pants should be high on your list. But don’t worry if you’re thinking about how to select the best pair, we’re going to help you with our choice of the ten best pants for paintball.

Our Top 10 Best Painball Pants

  1. Exalt Paintball T4 Pants
  2. ZAPT Tactical Molle Ripstop Combat Trousers
  3. Planet Eclipse Paintball HDE Pants Camo
  4. HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants
  5. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants
  6. HK Army Freeline Pants – Jogger Fit V2
  7. Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Paintball Pants
  8. Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants
  9. Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants
  10. Planet Eclipse Program Pants – Fantm Black

1. Exalt Paintball T4 Pants

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants
Image credit: Exalt

The Exalt Paintball T4 pants have loads of innovative features, including extra stretch zones, more flexibility, and designer slash pockets at the pants’ back.

The pants are very tough, with lots of padding in the knees, hips, and groin area; Kevlar’s addition to the knees gives extra protection. You might even experience a few paintball bounces if they hit in some areas of the pants.

When you’re crawling or kneeling on rough terrain, the knee pads come in real handy; you hardly feel a thing.

 Inside the pants is a separate mesh inner lining, so the pants outer layer moves freely and doesn’t stick to your legs when you get hot. There’s no friction on your skin, which can get irritating in the course of a game. If you buy a size up, you’ll be able to fit sweatpants underneath, in case the weather is bitterly cold.

There are a drawstring and belt loops on the pants for convenience. If you’re tall but on the skinny side, the drawstring helps a lot.

If you happen to be a little shorter but need the bigger waist, there’s an elastic drawstring in the ankle to prevent the trousers from being overly long.

Why we like them: The Exalt T4 is a formidable pair of pants, with loads of padding in the main areas and the addition of Kevlar in the knees.

Key Features:

  • Thigh pockets with zippers
  • Kevlar knees and extra knee padding
  • Cooling inner mesh and lining
  • Drawstring on the waist and belt loops
  • Venting mesh for heat dissipation

2. ZAPT Tactical Molle Ripstop Combat Trousers

ZAPT Tactical Molle Ripstop Combat Trousers
Image credit: ZAPT

The Zapt Tactical Trousers feel great when you put them on. Perfect fitting waist, adjusting the fit is comfortable due to the heavy-duty velcro straps. The straps don’t feel as though they’re going to tear off like some cheaper brands.

The rip-stop material is high-quality with nylon reinforcement on the knees and lower legs for the knee pad pockets.

There’s plenty of pockets ( 12 to be exact) and even some internal magic tape areas. There’s a series of molle type strapping on the outer-side of the pant’s left leg for attaching small tactical gear that might come in handy during a game.

The pants will take a heavy beating and harsh treatment without the stitching failing, precisely what you need crawling through some rough terrain. Don’t worry; bruises, welts scratches are something you no longer need to think about.

Why we like them: The ZAPT Tactical trousers have heavy-duty velcro straps for better sizing quality rip-stop material.

Key Features:

  • Waist size can be adjusted to fit most people
  • There are a total of 12 different pockets
  • Extra fabric layers and rip-stop material prevent less bruising
  • Excellent ventilation system to avoid overheating in gameplay
  • Nylon reinforcement on the knees and lower legs

3. Planet Eclipse Paintball HDE Pants Camo

Planet Eclipse Paintball HDE Pants Camo
Image credit: Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse HDE pants are incredibly robust and are ideal for woodsball players where camo paintball pants work best. That’s not to say they won’t work for any other game of paintball, because they will.

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that clean quickly and easily, these are the pair you need; the material doesn’t absorb the paint.

The crotch and knee areas have a fair amount of padding and plenty of room for movement. The knee pads are removable if you want to use another pair. On the inside leg side, there’s lightweight, breathable heat transfer material. Once you start moving during the game, you’ll find the ventilation kicks in and keeps you super cool.

On the back of the pants are plenty of areas to attach accessories you might want to carry with you.

Why We Like Them: The Planet Eclipse HDE camo paintball pants are super durable and flexible with extra padding in the crotch and knee areas.

Key Features:

  • They are made from lightweight material
  • Adjustable waist straps, belt loops, and ankle fastenings
  • Back pockets have zippers and are waterproof
  • Extra padding in the crotch and knee area
  • Heat transfer material on the inside leg

4. HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants

HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants
Image credit: HK Army

HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants are for paintballers. Tactical paintball pants mean where you need extra protection, you’ve got plenty. Not every player wants camo or heavy-duty material, but they still need reinforced knee areas and ample ventilation.

These paintball protective pants are a premium knit, poly blend giving fantastic comfort and total flexibility. One significant aspect of these pants is the player’s ability to move and be in awkward positions without restricting movement.

If you need to clean your marker’s barrel during the game, then the two swab pockets will come in real handy.

Additional useful features that you might like are the drawstring waistband, waterproof zipper pockets, and cuffed ankles.

Why we like them: The HK Army TK joggers are protective pants in the right areas but lightweight and cool to wear.

Key Features:

  • A premium knit, poly blend material
  • Protective padding in the knee and crotch area
  • Waterproof zippers and cuffed ankles
  • Two swab pockets

5. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants

HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants
Image credit: HK Army

HK Army HSTL paintball pants have top-quality material, padding in the right areas, and useful stretch zones.

Looking at some of the essential features and one of those features is the padded crotch area. This area might not appear to be crucial but once you’ve taken a direct hit there, then, believe me, the next pair of pants you buy will be the first thing you’ll look for is padding.

Heavy-duty paintball pants have got to let you breathe and keep you cool when you move around. It’s ok for them to be hot when you sit around, but not when the game starts. So inside the pants is a mesh material that’s breathable and cooling but still flexible, so movement isn’t impaired.

The stretchable material lets you be as mobile as you like without restricting you in the crotch or inside leg area, so sliding, crawling, running, and jumping are not in any way compromised. There’s enough padding where needed, but you might want to use some knee pads for that little bit extra around the knees.

Having your pants drag along the ground will ruin your pants and affect your grip, so there are adjustable velcro ankle straps.

One padding area that some paintball pants seem to forget about is on the hip. The hip can take a pummeling, especially if you’re doing some rolling around, but the HK includes additional padding over the hip area.

Why we like them: The HK Army Hardline pants have excellent protection over the knees, crotch, and hip areas.

Key Features:

  • Extra padding in the knee, crotch, and hips
  • Adjustable ankle straps
  • Stretchable material

6. HK Army Freeline Pants – Jogger Fit V2

HK Army Freeline Pants - Jogger Fit V2
Image credit: HK Army

HK Army Freeline paintball pants are lightweight, breathable, and extremely comfortable; in other words, perfect for paintball apparel.

If you prefer to wear your own padding inside your paintball pants, then these pants are ideal for you because much of the padding has gone. Lightweight and comfortable comes with a little sacrifice. But many players prefer this arrangement, so if that’s you, then these are for you.

The mesh inside these trousers only goes as far as the thigh area, so if full-length mesh annoys you because it snags and tears around your knees, then once again, these will be the right choice.

The pant’s material is nice and stretchy and ventilated around the crotch, thighs and extends all around the upper area of your legs and backside.

Why we like them: The HK Army Freeline pants are comfortable and lightweight but have padding in strategic areas where necessary.

Key Features:

  • Ballistic Kevlar knee padding
  • Lightweight Fabric with ventilation points
  • New-age fabric providing increased flexibility
  • Aero-mesh crotch ventilation
  • Adjustable elastic waist and ankle straps

7. Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Paintball Pants

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Paintball Pants
Image credit: Bnkr Kings

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly pants are precisely, as the name implies, exceptionally lightweight, only 430 grams or 15 ounces.  Perfect if you prefer quick movements and running when you’re in the field. If you choose these pants, you’ll quickly notice how agile you are when heavy-duty pants do not weigh you down.

Bunker King’s remark that these will take a professional player’s abuse without batting an eyelid.

Let’s take a look at the features that make these a great pair of tactical paintball pants.

First, the pant’s material will not absorb water, making the going tough out in the field. The lining of the pants is waterproof. Anything in your pockets, like your swab, are going to stay dry. The manufacturers have made the crotch area nice and stretchy, but the material remains strong.

There are no buttons or zippers on the fly. Pull them on and press the velcro strips together, and it’s as easy as that. Same when taking them off.

Why we like them: The Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly pants are lightweight and highly durable.

Key Features:

  • They weigh only 430 grams or 15 ounces
  • Buttonless and zipperless fly
  • Durastretch material makes the pants extra stretchy and water-resistant
  • Soft waist adjustment system

8. Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants

Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants
Image credit: Empire

The Empire F7 pants are a significant improvement on their F5 variety. The F7 weighs less, has more venting, at least the same durability, and offers even better protection.

These pants are a full 12 1/2 ounces less than the originals when you’re in the heat of battle; that’s a lot of weight off your legs.

A Pro-Lite stretch, abrasion-resistant material makes them less restricting, cooler, and less affected by heat and humidity. At the rear of the pants are laser perforated ventilation holes for constant air-flow. Adjustable elastic waistband and elastic ankle cuffs to create a perfect fit.

If you live in an area where the temperatures soar in summer but still want your paintball fix, then you need these pants. Stay as cool as you can, and enjoy the game.

Don’t worry that the waist will come open in aggressive gameplay because the pants have a double-snap waist system; no stretching, running, jumping, or crawling will open them.

Why we like them: The Empire F7 has high levels of durability and protection for such a lightweight material. 

Key Features:

  • Ultra-stretch mesh panels, incredibly soft and breathable
  • Full range of motion groin panel
  • Precise laser cut ventilation holes
  • Pockets with waterproof zippers
  • Adjustable waistband and ankle cuffs
  • Robust hip and knee panels that don’t rip yet are highly flexible
  • Secure double-snap waist fastening

9. Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants

Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants
Image credit: Valken

The latest trend in paintball pants seems to be moving towards lighter, more flexible, breathable, and comfortable: no more heavy-duty padding and hot, uncomfortable materials. Valken Phantom paintball pants are following this trend.

The Valken’s are attractive pants; the manufacturers have not gone in for “in your face” heavily defined graphics and logos, but more of a subdued, up-market look.

They protect the pant’s seams with a tape running each seam’s full length and makes for a more durable design.

To help the pants breathe, are laser-cut holes in the pant’s front section. If you enjoy paintball games in the hot summer months, then you’re going to need a pair of pants that offer adequate ventilation; without that, the pants become a real burden and will ruin your day.

In front of the pants are two pockets with zippers. Inside the right pocket is a microfiber cloth for wiping your goggles or mask during gameplay.

The pants fasten at the waist with buttons, but the fly is velcro; there is no padding in the crotch area, though. There’s no mesh-like material or any extra layers inside the pants. This idea is another way the manufacturers are keeping the weight down. Besides, the mesh can be a bit of a nuisance when it gets boiling, and it often gets snagged at the knees.

The knees don’t get any extra padding either, just a more durable material to ward off any bruises or scratches from crawling on your knees. As we said, there is no padding in the crotch area, but it’s extra stretchy to give more room for movement.

To round off this review of the Valken pants is the style of the pants. There are two distinct versions one is a standard cut and the other a jogger style. The pants are the same except at the ankle.

Why we like them: The Valken Phantom pants are a more subdued design using ultra-modern lightweight material.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable material
  • More durable material at the knees and kevlar knee pads
  • Microfiber cloth inside the pocket
  • Stretch material for ease of movement
  • Laser-cut holes in the front section of the pants

10. Planet Eclipse Program Pants – Fantm Black

Planet Eclipse Program Pants - Fantm Black
Image credit: Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse is creating paintball pants that score on function, performance, freedom of movement, and of course, protection, and these program pants are no exception.

Many paintballers love the bright graphics and glaring logos, but if you’re more of the subdued type, then these pants will suit you.

Let’s discuss some of the great features that come with these pants—starting with how they feel. The material is exceptionally comfortable. It feels soft to the touch and doesn’t rub against your legs and burn or itch.

The crotch area has two snap buttons, with velcro top and side, plus there’s a zipper for the fly.

Many pants have the inside of pockets or linings stitching, which can be very scratchy over the length of a paintball game. Planet, though, has made the inside of their pants a soft mesh material that makes the seams redundant.

There are loops inside the pants pockets where you can attach keys, so you don’t lose them during a game. The whole crotch area is completely stretchable in every direction.

There are knee pads, but they aren’t overly thick, strong enough to protect your knees without weighing you down. You can tighten the pants at the ankle with drawstrings. Zipper pockets on the back of the pants have a covering flap to keep the zipper dry and prevent damage.

Why we like them: The Eclipse program pants are well-made, and a lot of thought has gone into the material and functions.

Key Features:

  • Subdued design graphics
  • High-quality pants material
  • Stretchable material covering the whole crotch area
  • Rear zip pockets are water-resistant
  • Kevlar knee strike zones are anti-abrasive
  • Swab pockets with quick access
  • Lightweight

Best Paintball Pants Buyer’s Guide

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, protection is paramount when you’re playing paintball. Your pants form an essential part of your protection equipment, along with paintball goggles or masks.

Out in the field, you’ll be playing all sorts of scenarios, and there are risks that you’re going to take to get the win. Running, jumping, crawling, rolling, etc., are all part of the enjoyment of paintball. Never mind getting hit by paintballs.

Your knees are going to take a hammering without protecting them fully.

So when you think about your paintball pants, here are some things you can consider as you think about your various options.

Paintballers in Pants

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Pants for Your Needs


The two main areas for padding are the crotch and knees. Some pants put padding in both places and some only in the knees. Padding can be as simple as a more durable material in the knee area. Another padding can be thick and heavy, maybe even kevlar in the knees. Also, do you want protection in the crotch area? A direct hit there will put you out of the game. So it’s down to a compromise, do you sacrifice mobility for protection?


The heavier your pants, the less mobility you’ll have. Plus, the more tired you’ll get. Extra weight carries a penalty, and at some point, it will affect your legs. Padding and thick lining in pants will give you masses of protection; you may hardly even feel a hit. But that’s OK because the slower you are, the more you’ll get hit. Don’t forget the rain; if it rains, it will likely weigh your pants down even more.

If you’re playing speedball, our advice, go light; if you’re playing woodsball, cover up with better, heavier protection.


Paintball is a strenuous exercise, and to play, you’ll need to be fit and mobile. Plus, your pants will need to give you the freedom to move where and how you want. The last thing you need is some inflexible, cumbersome pants that hold you back. The material has to be flexible and give if you get snagged on something out on the battlefield.


We just talked about how strenuous paintball can be, which means you are going to sweat. Another consideration to take into account is how breathable the material of your pants is? Modern paintball pants manufacturers know all about this and how important it is to enjoy the game. So they try to use breathable materials and also add additional ventilation to the pants.

So pick the pants that make a big deal out of this in their description because it is necessary, second only to protection. From another health standpoint, there are effects of heatstroke. Playing on a hot day is fine if you take all the necessary precautions, including wearing pants that will help you stay cooler.


As you can see, there are many choices for your best paintball pants. The pants you choose will make a big difference to your future games of paintball. Before you make your choice of paintball pants, consider the points we have made above. Don’t buy the wrong pants in haste and come to regret your decision.

We hope this buying guide for the best paintball pants has given you some idea for the best pair for yourself.