Hello, my name’s Jason. Let me start off by giving you a warm welcome to my site!

Airsoft and paintball is my life! From shooting targets in my backyard with friends and traveling around the US in professional leagues to testing airsoft and paintball guns for manufacturers and writing professional reviews, I’ve seriously done it all.

My passion for airsoft began a long time ago. As a young teenager in Durango, Colorado, my friends and I would put our gear on, play tactical games, and pretend we were Secret Ops. Not surprisingly, I became a marine a few years later and traded air soft pellets and paint balls for the real thing.

Now, I’m living back home in Durango and raising a couple of rambunctious little ones of my own. I got back into airsoft and paintball after my enlistment, and today I love sharing my passion with my two boys and the rest of the world!

I created Gunwildfire.com as a way to spread my love and knowledge of this awesome sport with others and give back to my community. At Gunwildfire.com, you’ll find a ton of valuable info about everything from finding the right gun to choosing the right gear. With honest and in-depth reviews of all of today’s top airsoft and paintball guns, gear, and equipment, you’ve come to the right place to amplify your enjoyment of these awesome sports.

Based on hands-on experience and years of insight, I truly hope Gunwildfire.com will become your go-to resource for anything and everything airsoft and paintball-related. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate airsoft gun or simply want a fun read to reinvigorate your love of the sport, I’m sure you’ll find both and more here at Gunwildfire.com. Enjoy!