Best Paintball Hopper Reviews – Choosing the Right Hooper For You

In the action-packed world of paintball, performance is king. Your gun and gear must be the very best in order to win. So, picking the best hopper, or loader as they’re also called, is vital to achieving paintball supremacy. Unfortunately, choosing the best paintball hopper for you and your gun is easier said than done. Well, at least it was until you landed here.

This comprehensive guide and the unbiased paintball hopper reviews below will have you firing away at 20+ BPS and taking names in no time at all. Whether you’re looking for an awesome old school mechanical paintball hopper with a proven track record or a cutting-edge electronic paintball hopper with all of the bells and whistles, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Okay, okay, enough with the small talk. Let’s jump right in and get you geared up right!

Our Top Recommended Paintball Hoppers

Paintball HoppersPaintball CapacityFeed RateReview
Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader
Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader
18024Our Review
Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper
Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper
200n/aOur Review
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper
20013+Our Review

Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Hopper
<br />
Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Hopper
20015Our Review
Empire Z2 Prophecy Hopper
Empire Z2 Prophecy Hopper
20020+Our Review

What is a Paintball Hopper?

What is a Paintball Hopper?A paintball hopper or paintball loader is an external device that attaches to a paintball gun and allows you to fire off hundreds of paintballs before needing to reload. While they usually all look alike to an untrained eye, there are distinct differences between different paintball models.

That being said, there are only two real types of paintball hoppers: electronic and gravity fed. Gravity fed hoppers are lightweight, simple, and inexpensive. They’re basically just containers with chutes for paintballs to travel down and drop into gun feed necks. As you could imagine, however, they feed paintballs much slower than electronic models and are known to jam much more often. Although some gravity hoppers are designed to minimize jamming, they may still need a good shake from time to time.

Electronic paintball hoppers, on the other hand, have motors that drive internal parts to help speed up the feeding process and prevent jamming. A quality electronic hopper will allow you to shoot up to 20 BPS or more without chopping paint.

To prevent jamming, some models have agitating paddles to move the paintballs around and minimize stoppages. Others have a force feed design and actually push paintballs into the paintball gun for the highest possible rate of fire. Although these are heavier and a little more expensive, they’re the best paintball hoppers and some can feed up to 30 or more paintballs per second. Talk about performance!

Best Paintball Hopper Reviews


Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader

Empire Halo Too

The Empire Halo Too is hands down the best paintball hopper for your money on the market today. Costing less than half of what some of the other top models go for but packing some serious punch in the performance department, the Halo Too Hopper has earned tons of positive paintball hopper reviews and a loyal fan base just like the Invert Mini GS. So, it’s only fitting that it earned the top spot on this list as well.

With a super-quiet electric belt drive capable of forcing over 20 paintballs a second down your feed neck and at your opponent, plus a top-notch Freeway Anti-Jam System to keep it from jamming up at critical moments, it’s easy to see why so many players put their trust in this Empire hopper.

Honestly, the standout features on the Halo Hopper are almost too many to list. Nonetheless, the specs below will shed some more insight into everything this first-class hopper has to offer.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Matte black finish
  • Freeway Anti-Jam System
  • Programmable onboard computer
  • Sound activated
  • Six speeds and sensitivity modes
  • Feed stack sensor
  • Low battery indicator
  • AA or 9-volt battery operation
  • Feeds up to 24 BPS
  • Paintball capacity – 180


  • Jam-resistant
  • Very well-made
  • Affordably priced
  • Feeds paintballs fast
  • Low-profile
  • Can run on a 9-volt battery or AAs


  • Can be difficult to program

Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader

Dye Precision Rotor

There are quite a few electronic hopper options available these days to cater to the growing demand for speed, speed, and more speed. However, like the Empire Halo Too, very few match the performance of the Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader.

This top-of-the-line Dye hopper is used by tournament players everywhere and has a stellar reputation for its superfast feeding and solid design. In addition to being able to shoot a whopping 30+ BPS, the Dye Rotor Hopper is built like a tank, has a tool-less disassembly, and comes equipped with a super functional anti-jam mechanism.

In other words, it’s one heck of a paintball gun hopper any serious player can appreciate.

  • Electronic paintball gun hopper
  • Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology
  • Adjustable torque feature
  • Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger
  • Water-resistant circuit board
  • Runs on three AA batteries
  • Indicator LED
  • Black Ops stealth feature
  • 30+ BPS feed rate
  • Paintball capacity – 200


  • Incredibly well-made
  • Awesome feed rate
  • Flawless performance
  • Great anti-jam mechanism
  • Black Ops stealth function is a must for night matches
  • Great reputation


  • A little pricier than some models

Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue Spire 200

The Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper is one of the latest and greatest best paintball loaders to hit the market. The next generation electric hopper features a lightweight design and an array of innovative features that make it arguably the best hopper for paintball on the planet.

In addition to holding more paint in spite of its aggressive and compact design, the Virtue Spire 200 has an open loading area, jam-proof feed system, shot-activated sensor, and a tool-less disassembly putting right up there with some of the best in the business.

With several other great features and a boatload of color and style options to choose from, it’s belongs at or near the top of any “Best Hopper for paintball” list. If your budget allows and you take your paintball seriously, then you should seriously consider the Virtue Spire 200. Good paintball hoppers are a dime a dozen, but a great hoppers like this Spire are a rare breed definitely worth checking out.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Self-optimizing motor
  • Spring-loaded anti-jam drive
  • Quick change speed feed system
  • Tool-less assembly and disassembly
  • Shot-activated G-Force Sensor technology
  • Rubber flex cycle paddle
  • Water-resistant electronics
  • Electronic force feed button
  • LED controls
  • Runs on three AA batteries
  • Paintball capacity – 200


  • World-class design and performance
  • Multitude of colors and styles to choose from
  • Rarely jams
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Works like a champ


  • A little pricey
  • Could be easier to load

Pinokio PL230/400 Hopper

Pinokio Hopper

The Pinokio PL230/400 Hopper is definitely one of the more unconventional paintball hoppers out there, but its optional nose cone allows you to add an additional 140 paintballs and enjoy precious added minutes of action without the need for a reload.

Unlike other hoppers paintball, this Pinokio hopper holds well in excess of 200 rounds even without the cone. As if that weren’t enough, the mad scientists at Pinokio also enabled the PL230/400 to feed paintballs at over 30 BPS. It’s also one of the lightest electric paintball hopper options out there and comes equipped with volumizer attachment for optimal performance in both woodsball and speedball tourneys.

On the downside, the Pinokio PL230/400 is one of the taller hoppers you’ll run across. However, with everything it offers, most players tend to overlook its higher profile.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Oversized feed neck
  • Volumizer attachment
  • Optional nose cone
  • 30+ BPS feed rate
  • Runs on two 9-volt batteries
  • Paintball capacity – over 300 with optional nose cone


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Super high feed rate
  • Spring lid makes for easy reloading
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Very reliable
  • Rarely jams


  • Large profile tends to block view

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Tippmann is one of the biggest and best paintball gun and gear brands, and there’s no better hopper out there for Tippmann guns than the Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System.

Designed to work exclusively with Tippmann Custom Pro, Custom 98, Project Salvo, and Alpha Black paintball guns, it’s without a doubt the best paintball hopper for any Tippmann fan. With hundreds of rave paintball hopper reviews, there’s a lot of players out there with Tippman guns who have definitely benefitted from this cutting-edge and completely unique paintball feeder system.

What makes the Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System so special? Well, for one it’s designed to sync the feeder sprocket with the air system, resulting in reduced jamming and paintball breakage. To do this, it uses air from your paintball gun to spin the internals of the hopper during each and every shot. Pretty ingenious, right?

While its design and anti-jamming properties are out of this world, the Tippmann Cyclone only has a feed rate of 15 BPS, so it’s not ideal for speedball. That being said, it definitely has what it takes to make you the king of the woods.

  • Paintball feed system w/hopper
  • Air-assisted loader system
  • Direct-link feeder sprocket
  • 15 BPS rate of fire
  • 200-capacity hopper included
  • Compatible with most Tippman paintball gun models


  • Unique pneumatic design
  • Doesn’t run on batteries
  • Feeds balls perfectly for minimal jamming and breakage
  • Neat low-profile design
  • Very easy to install
  • Looks cool


  • Only compatible with Tippman guns
  • Lower BPS

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper

Proto Primo Paintball

Also featuring a non-battery powered design, the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is great for players who want to save some money and not hassle with charging or putting in batteries. Since it’s gravity fed, the Proto Primo Hopper isn’t the best paintball loader in the world.

However, if you don’t own a Tippman and you’re not into electric paintball hoppers, it’s definitely the best choice.

Although the Proto Primo won’t allow you to fire off shots at 30 or even 20 BPS, you won’t have to worry about jams and spend half your time shaking your gun like you would with other traditional paintball hoppers. Designed to relieve pressure and reduce gun agitation, it sorts and funnels beautifully to provide a consistent vertical feed.

It also has an awesome spring lid and large opening that makes reloading a breeze. When you add it all up and consider the Proto Primo’s laughably low price tag, it’s easily one of the best deals around.

  • Gravity fed paintball hopper
  • Positive shelf design
  • Clear spring-loaded lid
  • 13+ BPS feed rate
  • Paintball capacity – 200


  • Very inexpensive
  • Super lightweight
  • Works as advertised
  • Sleek, compact design


  • Only shoots up to 13 BPS

Tippmann SSL-200 Electronic Hopper

Tippmann SSL-200

The Tippman SSL-200 Electronic Hopper is an excellent choice for woodsball and entry-level players. While this 200-capacity Tippman hopper paintball isn’t the fastest electric hopper on the market, it’s quieter than average, holds a decent amount of paint, and can take a serious beating.

The Tippman SSL-200 is also surprisingly lightweight and comes equipped with Bend Sensor Technology, which allows it to consistently feed paintballs at 15 BPS. The dynamic sensor also helps improve efficiency and extend much needed battery life. With an LED low battery indicator, adjustable O-ring neck, wide-mouth snap-fit lid, and low-profile design as well, it gets the job done and gets it done well.

When all is said and done, the Tippmann SSL-200 isn’t the best hopper ever made, but it works like a champ and provides some serious bang for the buck.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Low-profile deign
  • Bend Sensor Technology
  • Adjustable O-ring neck
  • Wide-mouth snap-fit lid
  • LED low battery indicator
  • 15 BPS feed rate
  • Paintball capacity – 200


  • Affordably priced
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to load
  • Works as advertised


  • Only feeds up to 15 BPS

G.I. Sportz Pulse RDR Paintball Loader

G.I. Sportz Pulse RDR

If you’re a professional paintball player or simply love the sport and want the absolute best paintball hopper being made today, the G.I. Sportz Pulse RDR Paintball Loader has your name all over it.

This state-of-the-art paintball hopper is loaded with features designed to take your performance to the next level. One such feature is the radar chronograph. Incorporated into the nose of the cone, it allows you to measure your FPS and BPS whenever you want!

With a modern OLED screen, wireless push-button electronics, push-button disassembly, and a durable over-molded shell as well, there’s no hopper out there capable of competing with the Pulse RDR. It really is that good.

Although it’s new to the market and isn’t mentioned in many paintball hopper reviews, it’s THE hopper to get if you have a healthy budget and love of the sport.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Over-molded shell
  • Patented removable tray
  • Patent-pending RDR technology
  • Radar chronograph measures BPS and FPS
  • OLED display
  • Push-button controls and disassembly


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Feeds incredibly fast
  • Displays both BPS and FPS
  • Super easy to disassemble and clean
  • None other like it


  • Expensive
  • A little heavy
  • Low battery efficiency

Virtue Spire 260 Hopper

Virtue Spire 260

There’s a lot to like about the Virtue Spire 260 Hopper, but its huge paintball capacity is what really makes it stand out in the crowd. With the ability to effortlessly hold up to 260 paintballs, it allows players to get off an extra 60 shots between reloads. So, while your competitors are busy reloading, you can be picking them off one by one!

Aside from its impressive capacity, the Spire 260 has a number of other great features as w ll. With its jam-free feeding system, compact tool-free design, shot activated sensor, and vertically stacked air box, it’s one of the most user-friendly, high-performance hoppers available.

Although it doesn’t feed quite as fast as a rotor hopper, it manages to provide an impressive BPS as well, making it an excellent overall option for any serious baller.

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Speed feeder
  • Jam-proof technology
  • Shot-activated sensor
  • Tool-free disassembly
  • LED cover
  • Runs on three AA batteries
  • Paintball capacity – 260


  • Impressive paintball capacity
  • Smooth, jam-proof performance
  • Excellent overall design
  • 28 different color and style options to choose from


  • Has a bit of a recoil

Empire Z2 Prophecy Hopper

Empire Z2 Prophecy

The Empire Z2 Prophecy Hopper is another top-performing loader option worthy of a spot in any player’s gear bag. A noticeable step up from the already impressive Prophecy, the Z2 Prophecy offers sound-activated force feed technology for fast and effortless feeding time after time. As one would expect from an Empire, it also features infrared sensors to prevent untimely jams in the heat of battle.

To top it all off, the cutting-edge Z2 is designed to continually monitor its rate of fire and drive force for the best possible performance at all times. In the single blink of an eye, it performs more sensor readings than any other paintball hopper ever made.

Made of super strong and durable reinforced composites and featuring a lightweight, low-profile design as well, the Empire Z2 Prophecy is one of if not the top paintball hopper around. If you’re reading these paintball hopper reviews hoping to find a world-class hopper at a reasonable price, look no further than this Empire. It won’t disappoint!

  • Electronic paintball hopper
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Low-profile design
  • Infrared sensors
  • Anti-jamming mechanism
  • Continuous drive force and rate of fire monitoring
  • Magnetic lid
  • Runs on a 9-volt battery or four AAs
  • 20+ BPS firing rate
  • Paintball capacity – 200


  • Very fast and responsive
  • Hardly ever jams
  • Provides consistent feeding performance
  • Easy to use, disassemble, and clean
  • Great for all types and styles of play


  • Can’t really think of any

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Paintball Hopper

From inexpensive gravity hoppers with slower BPS but greater capacity to sleek and sophisticated electronic models with faster feed speeds and features galore, saying there’s a wide-variety of paintball hoppers out there to choose from would be an understatement. With so many options, how do you know which one to choose?

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Paintball HopperIf you didn’t find a clear cut winner in the reviews above, considering the following factors will definitely help you make up your mind on the right paintball hopper for you.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a paintball hopper is simply the number of paintballs it can hold when filled to the max. Capacity is important to consider regardless of your style of play, but it’s especially important for speedball and field players. Most quality paintball hoppers have a maximum capacity of 200. However, some models have the ability to hold even more.

  • Reliability

Whether you find yourself knee deep in the muddy woods, combating dust in the desert, or on a field with paintballs zooming at you from all directions, the reliability of your hopper will be crucial for your success. Unfortunately, even basic gravity fed paintball hoppers can be unreliable at times.

Therefore, electronic hoppers that force 20 balls a second through your gun are bound to malfunction even more. Nonetheless, some paintball guns are more reliable than others. So, if you want to spend more time shooting your paintball gun and less time shaking it, make sure to choose a model with proven reliability and anti-jamming technology.

  • Ease of maintenance

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Paintball HopperMaintenance is also really important with paintball hoppers. They must be kept clean, paint-free, and charged up in order to avoid jamming and feed properly. As you can see from the reviews above, many of the best hoppers are designed for quick and easy tool-free assembly and disassembly, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

  • Durability

Every electronic hopper relies on some sort of system to feed paint down its feed neck and into a paintball gun. Some electronic hoppers are more reliant on gravity, while others like the Dye Rotor force paint through more aggressively.

Although the internal parts of electronic hoppers are designed to withstand being dropped and shot, they’re obviously more sensitive than simple gravity fed hoppers with little to no internal parts. The durability of an electronic paintball hopper basically boils down to how well it protects these parts.

By considering these factors and a few more such as your budget and style of play, you’re guaranteed to find a great hopper that will serve you well for days, months, and even years to come.

Making the Decision

Paintball is a thrilling, action packed sport that requires a solid gun and an even better hopper. If you’ve made it this far, then you know full well just how important a paintball hopper is for your performance on the field, in the woods, or in any environment.

You also know all about the ten best paintball hopper options on the market today. All you have to do is decide on the right one for you, click the buy button, and get ready to crush the competition with your smooth, rapid-fire performance.

If you’re still not sure, go ahead and read the paintball hopper reviews above one more time. Don’t take too long, however, because your competition is likely upgrading their hoppers and gear right now as we speak!