Which Is The Best Airsoft Gun? Expert Airsoft Gun Reviews
best airsoft gun

Which Is The Best Airsoft Gun? Expert Airsoft Gun Reviews

Airsoft guns have been around for quite some time now, and today there are literally hundreds of different cool airsoft guns to choose from. Used for everything from target practice and backyard recreation to military training and competitive sport, there are airsoft guns for any and all shooting activities. While it may seem nice to have your pick of the litter, having so many options can also make choosing the best airsoft gun for you and your needs seem more like a trip to the dentist’s office than a fun anticipated event.

Well, I’m here to change all that. Featuring nothing but the most unbiased, in-depth airsoft gun reviews and a ton of useful info you’re sure to appreciate, this guide will help you transform you from an airsoft newbie to a seasoned pro in time at all. Needless to say, if you’re on the hunt for high quality airsoft guns, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Top Recommended Airsoft Electric Guns

What is an Airsoft Gun?

The first airsoft gun was designed and manufactured by Daisy in the 1980s. As the world’s leading pellet and BB gun manufacturer, Daisy wanted a safer alternative to their already popular lineup of metal BB guns.

best airsoft gun

So, what are airsoft guns? Rather than metal BBs, airsoft weapons are designed to shoot plastic pellets, making them a safer and less destructive alternative to their metal and copper counterparts. This made them extremely popular with children at first.

Today, however, the best airsoft guns are no mere child’s play. From fully automatic airsoft guns and sniper airsoft guns to an airsoft gun pistol and airsoft shotguns, there are airsoft guns for every level of competition and fun. There are even replica airsoft guns made to look just like the real thing.

Many of today’s top airsoft guns are made of metal and built to perform for years. That being said, when shopping for top rated airsoft guns, you’ll notice three different varieties: spring powered guns, gas powered guns, and electric guns.

If you’re looking for a revolver airsoft gun, a spring powered option may be best. However, if you’re here to find the best airsoft gun in the world, you’re going to want an electric model. As you’ll see from the top 10 airsoft guns below, airsoft electric guns are the best of the bunch.

Before we dive into the reviews, let’s learn a little more about the different types of airsoft guns to help you decide on the best option for you.

Types of Airsoft Guns

Electric Guns (AEGs)

Electric Guns (AEGs)

Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs, are awesome airsoft guns designed for serious shooting action. Unlike gas powered airsoft guns, which are the next step down and designed for intermediate shooters, AEG airsoft guns are powered by batteries to electrically cock the gun, making them much easier to use than traditional spring powered airsoft guns.

Aside from being much easier to use, electric airsoft rifles are all semi-automatic as well. In fact, many are fully automatic, providing you with rapid fire capabilities and the chance to dominate the backyard battlefield.

From electric airsoft sniper rifles to electric AKs, there are a variety of AEGs available for today’s serious airsofters. Although you’ll learn about some excellent electric airsoft gun options below, you’ll likely be blown away by its performance, regardless of which one you choose.

As the most popular type of airsoft gun for league and team play, AEGs are simply the best of the best. However, since they operate via batteries, you’ll definitely want to purchase an additional charger and battery pack to keep it ready for action.

If you love airsoft and want the absolute best, keep reading to discover the best AEG airsoft gun your hard-earned money can buy. If your budget and needs are a little more subdued, don’t sweat because there are plenty of other great AEGs out there, and we’ll help you find the best one for you.

Gas Powered Guns

Gas Powered Guns

Gas airsoft guns are a step down from airsoft guns electric, but they’re still a viable option for outdoor target shooting and the needs of intermediate airsofters in general.
Gas powered airsoft guns utilize compressed gas to shoot plastic pellets at a high velocity. Therefore, if you’re here to find the best beginner airsoft gun, a gas powered gun probably isn’t for you. Nonetheless, they’re incredibly popular, reasonably priced, and a solid option for anyone desiring more versatility than a spring powered gun and a lower price tag than an AEG.

Similar electric airsoft guns, gas airsoft rifles are semi-automatic, and some models are fully automatic as well. Despite this, they’re much more accurate than their spring powered airsoft guns. They also fire at a higher velocity, which is nice for performance but means getting hit by one hurts a lot more.

Most gas powered guns use propane, but nitrogen, CO2, and HFC134a refrigerant is also commonly used. If you have a more modest budget and are looking at airsoft guns m4, rifles, and other variants for some serious shooting action, a gas powered gun may be a good fit for you. That being said, when put to the test against an AEG, the electric airsoft gun would trump the gas powered gun nine times out of 10.

Spring Powered Guns

Spring Powered Guns

Unlike pro airsoft guns like AEGs, spring airsoft guns are basic beginner or entry-level options designed mostly for kids and backyard play. As their name suggests, they operate via mechanical power through the use of a spring. When a spring powered gun is cocked and the trigger is pulled, the spring releases and fires a plastic pellet. As such, the most popular types of spring powered airsoft guns are bolt-action spring airsoft rifles and airsoft spring pistols.

While spring powered guns are primarily used as entry-level airsoft weapons and not viewed as powerful airsoft guns, some spring powered sniper rifles can fire quite powerfully and provide some serious upper-level fun.

That being said, powerful models are few and far between as spring powered guns are primarily designed for beginners and anyone interested in the best cheap airsoft guns. If you fall into this category then a quality spring powered gun may be the right fit for you.

High Pressured Air Rifles (HPA)

High Pressured Air Rifles (HPA)

What is the best airsoft gun? That is a question I get asked a lot. While my top recommendation is almost always an AEG, there are some outstanding high pressured air rifles, or HPAs, that sometimes steal a vote.

Comparable to traditional firearms, high pressured air rifles fire plastic pellets at tremendous velocity and range, making them ideal for long-range target shooting and hunting. Yes, you heard that right; hunting!

As the most powerful airsoft gun on the market, an HPA is powered by highly compressed air capable of accurately launching a pellet with tremendous velocity up to 100 yards. To do so, it utilizes a large reservoir and a high pressure hand pump to pressurize the air. When filled, the reservoir of an HPA can hold 2,000-3,000 PSI. When the trigger is pulled, a powerful shot of pressurized air is released, pushing the pellet through the barrel at supersonic speed.

If you’re looking for the most powerful airsoft gun on the market, an HPA is definitely what you’re after. Unfortunately, high pressurized air rifles require you to pump between shots or carry extra air cartridges with you, both of which can be a real pain. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best airsoft rifle, an AEG still gets our vote.

Best Airsoft Electric Gun Reviews

1. E&L Airsoft Full Metal AK-74MN Gen 2 Airsoft Electric Gun

E&L Airsoft Full Metal AK-74MN Gen 2 Airsoft Electric Gun

The all-new E&L Airsoft Metal AK-74MN Gen 2 Airsoft Electric Gun is quite possibly the best gun ever for good ol’ shoot em up fun. This AK 74 airsoft gun is beautifully constructed and features a side-folding stock. With the same reinforced polymer and stamped steel receiver found on real AKs, it’s about as close to the real thing as even the top airsoft gun can get.

The upper receiver is made of stamped steel as well and it houses either a Li-Po or NiMH battery. As quite possibly the best airsoft gun ever, this E&L features a reinforced polymer folding stock and a full-metal Version 3 gearbox as well, putting it over the top in terms of durability, performance, and design.

The E&L Full Metal AK-74MN Gen 2 also comes equipped with a range of other first-class features. Between its O-Ring sealed nozzle, quick-change spring gearbox, high torque motor, and realistic good looks, it deserves the top spot in any airsoft gun reviews.

If you’re here in search of one of the best airsoft assault rifles or airsoft guns automatic being made today, this bad boy definitely deserves a closer look.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Stamped steel and reinforced polymer construction
  • V3 gearbox
  • Muzzle velocity – 420-430 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 100 rounds


  • Built like a tank
  • Very powerful
  • Highly accurate for an AK
  • Excellent craftsmanship


  • A little on the heavy side, especially for smaller users

2. H&K 416 CQB Elite Airsoft Machine Gun


If you’ve ever used one before, than you know there’s nothing quite like a CQB airsoft gun. The H&K 416 CQB Elite Airsoft Machine Gun is an authentic, licensed replica of the exact 416 CQB used by elite military forces, making it one of the absolute best airsoft rifles around.

Despite being one of if not the most expensive airsoft gun on the market, this H&K is worth every single cent of its asking price. With a high torque motor, metal gears, 8mm bearings, and a metal receiver, it’s definitely earned its elite status.

Unlike used airsoft guns and other airsoft CQB guns design to look legit but work like you know what, the H&K 416 QCB Elite Airsoft Machine Gun is designed to both look and play the part. Featuring a 320-round magazine for endless firing action between reloads and an adjustable stock and airsoft sights for the most comfortable and accurate shooting possible, it’s the crème de la crème of full auto airsoft guns.

Whether you’re in a tactical training situation or full on simulated assault, this H&K won’t let you down. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but you can’t put a price on performance, or fun for that matter. The H&K 416 delivers both.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Metal receiver
  • Metal gears
  • 8mm bearings
  • Metal rail system
  • Adjustable stock and rear sight
  • Muzzle velocity – 335 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 320 rounds


  • Very well-built
  • Amazing operation
  • Large magazine capacity
  • High rate of fire
  • Highly accurate, fully adjustable sights


  • Lower FPS
  • Batteries not included
  • Magazine prone to wobbling

3. H&K G36C AEG


The H&K G36C AEG is one of the most realistic and best performing G36 airsoft options money can buy. Arguably the best airsoft gun available for tactical use, the exterior of the compact and lightweight H&K airsoft G36 is made of high-density nylon polymer and features a full metal flash hider as well as three hand guard rails for superior modular capabilities and a more rugged look.

Internally, this tactical airsoft machine gun features a 2GX Version 3 gearbox just like many of the other first-class models featured in these airsoft gun reviews, allowing it to churn through pellets like a Gatling. In fact, it’s capable of shooting over 1,200 pellets per minute at over 380 feet per second. With stats like these, this H&K G36C airsoft gun is tough to beat. It truly is one of the best black ops airsoft guns on the market.

If you’re simply browsing for cool airsoft guns or airsoft handguns to play around with in your backyard, the H&K G36C isn’t for you. However, if you’ve been looking high and low for the ultimate tactical airsoft gun, then look no further. Made by one of today’s best airsoft brands, you can count on this H&K to deliver the very best results time and again.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Semi and fully automatic firing modes
  • Nylon polymer construction
  • Full metal barrel and rail system
  • Folding stock
  • 2GX Version 3 gearbox
  • Muzzle velocity – 380 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 470 rounds


  • Genuinely licensed H&K
  • Extremely well-built
  • Great rail system
  • Huge magazine capacity
  • Designed for ambidextrous use
  • Very fast rate of fire
  • Versatile and lightweight


  • Must cock the magazine a lot
  • No battery included

4. G&G CM16 Combat Machine Raider RIS M4 CQB AEG


Mixing things up for the beginners out there, the G&G CM16 Combat Machine Raider RIS M4 CQB AEG is one of the best airsoft assault rifle options for newbies looking to get into the wonderful world of airsoft.

Considered by many as the best airsoft M4, it features a rail system that’s ready to go right out of the box and is made from a high-quality polymer similar to the professional airsoft guns we’ve discussed thus far. However, it cost over half as less.

With the reduced price tag, however, comes weaker performance. While this G&G M16 airsoft gun is accurate for up to 40 yards, it’s not suitable for longer sniper-like shots. That being said, it’s an M4, which means it’s naturally more geared for tactical performance, not long-range. Nonetheless, it definitely performs better than many airsoft revolvers out there.

It won’t knock your socks off, but all things considered, the G&G CM16 Combat Machine Raider RIS M4 CQB AEG is one of the best budget-friendly airsoft guns assault rifles around. Unlike an airsoft spring revolver, it has plenty of power and enough accuracy for some serious target shooting or backyard fun.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Nylon-reinforced polymer construction
  • Adjustable Crane stock
  • Metal-reinforced Version 2 gearbox
  • High torque motor
  • Maximum velocity – 330-350 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 450 rounds


  • Well-priced for an AEG
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Great magazine capacity
  • A lot of bang for the buck


  • Not as accurate as other models on this list
  • Not ideal for experts or competition

5. KWA KM4 KR9 AEG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle


Made by one of today’s top airsoft brands, the KWA KM4 KR9 AEG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle is a fantastic assault rifle airsoft designed with everyone in mind. Although it isn’t as cheap electric airsoft gun as the G&G above, it’s noticeably more menacing in terms of both looks and performance.

This impressive KWA m4 airsoft gun electric is equipped with a 120-round magazine, which is rather minimal as far as semi-automatic airsoft guns are concerned. However, it makes up for it with its accuracy and performance.

The KWA KM4 KR9 AEG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle is engineered for a LiPo battery, which offers far superior performance to the NiMH batteries found on many airsoft guns. With the same powerful battery found on expensive airsoft guns, the construction and internals of this KWA must also be of the highest quality, and that they are.

The rifle features a strong and durable reinforced metal 2GX gearbox, precision metal gears, high torque motor, heavy-duty spring, and a high-density piston that’s ready to rock right out of the gate. With an adjustable stock, and polymer rail segments as well, it’s right up there with the best in the business.

It’s not a cheap spring airsoft revolver and isn’t the most accurate airsoft gun in the world, but the mid-priced KWA KM4 KR9 AEG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle is well-made and more than capable of earning some respect on the virtual battlefield.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Full metal alloy upper and lower receiver
  • Adjustable stock
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • High torque motor
  • Hardened steel gears
  • 2GX gearbox
  • High-tension spring
  • Maximum velocity – 330-350 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 120 rounds


  • Well-made by a top airsoft brand
  • Reasonably priced given its quality and performance
  • Very accurate and easy to use
  • Menacing looks, despite its orange tip


  • Small magazine capacity
  • May be a little heavy for some

6. CYMA Full Metal AK74 CPW Contractor Airsoft AEG Rifle


If you’re looking for the top airsoft gun from the best airsoft brand, then the CYMA Full Metal AK74 CPW Contractor Airsoft AEG Rifle probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re a little tight on cash and reading these airsoft gun reviews hoping to get your chops on a great airsoft machine gun at an awesome price, it will more than suffice.

Made by CYMA, which thanks to its quality products and affordable prices is quickly becoming one of today’s good airsoft brands, this fully automatic beast of an airsoft gun is one of the best values around. Although it tops the scales at nearly nine pounds without the magazine and accessories, the full metal receiver and stock can take a beating, plus it’s still very effective in CQB.

With an amazing muzzle velocity of up to 400 FPS, it’s great for long-range shooting as well, with a scope and bipod of course. That being said, it’s an AK74 with a high-capacity 550-round magazine, so just make sure you’re not hunting anywhere near endangered species!

All in all, it’s hard to beat this Evike. Less expensive than many other airsoft machine guns yet capable of putting even the best spring airsoft pistol to shame, it definitely won’t disappoint.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Full metal stock and receivers
  • RIS front end
  • Integrated top rail
  • Retractable M4 stock
  • Metal Version 3 gearbox
  • Muzzle velocity – 380-400 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 550 rounds


  • Sturdy construction
  • Menacing looks
  • Excellent FPS and RPM
  • High magazine capacity
  • Good long-range accuracy
  • Affordably priced
  • Designed for accessories and upgrades


  • A little heavy for some shooters and situations

7. G&G CM16 Predator Airsoft Electric Rifle

G&G (CM16) Predator AEG

As the latest creation from the mad scientists at G&G, the CM16 Predator Airsoft Rifle is quite possibly the best airsoft gun for CQB and other tactical uses being made today. In fact, with a solid shooter, it can dominate the airsoft range as well.

Featuring a reasonable price tag and the latest internals, it’s one of the best setups around for anyone with a limited budget. The body of the CM16 is made of durable and lightweight reinforced polymer. And features rails for airsoft gun attachments. However, it’s the high-tech gadgetry of this airsoft gun that truly sets it apart.

For instance, it’s equipped with a pre-programmed MOFSET chip, allowing it to be programmed for three-round bursts or full auto and stop the batteries from becoming damaged due to over discharging. The G&G CM16 Predator Airsoft Rifle also features an electronic trigger unit for smooth semiauto firing and increased response.

Needless to say, if you’ve been searching through airsoft gun reviews in order to find the best BB gun pistol or another gun suitable for technophobes, this G&G may not be for you. However, if you want one of the best machine gun options your hard- earned money can buy, you owe it to yourself to check out the CM16 Predator today.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Adjustable reinforced polymer stock
  • Version 3 gearbox
  • Hard-anodized rail system
  • Pre-programmed MOFSET chip
  • Electronic trigger
  • Muzzle velocity – 320-330 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 300 rounds


  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Aggressive good looks
  • Good ergonomics
  • Reliable gearbox
  • Fast trigger response
  • Cutting-edge features


  • Weaker FPS
  • Battery placement
  • Battery and charger not included

8. JG M16A4 Electric Airsoft Rifle

JG (JG6620) M16A4 with RIS System AEG

The JG M16A4 Electric Airsoft Rifle is a semi and fully automatic airsoft gun worth taking a look at. As a variant of the popular M16A2, it features an RIS rail system designed to support a wide variety of optics and attachments.

The fun is far from stopping there as the JG M16A4 also has a one-piece metal barrel, full metal Version 2 gearbox, nylon fiber stock and grips, adjustable flash hider and sights, and much more. Combined, these features allow the JG M16A4 Electric Airsoft Rifle to shoot an air pellet up to 400 FPS, which puts an airsoft shotgun or metal airsoft pistols to shame. In other words, if you want to use it for a backyard airsoft war, you better live on at least an acre!

All jokes aside, the JG M16A4 Electric Airsoft Rifle really is a great gun. While its ABS upper and lower construction keeps it from competing with high end airsoft guns like some of the metal airsoft guns above, you won’t be let down by its performance one bit.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • One-piece metal barrel
  • Metal Version 2 gearbox
  • ABS upper and lower
  • Reinforced nylon grips and stock
  • Metal RIS rail system
  • Adjustable flash hider, sights, and hop-up
  • Muzzle velocity – 380-410 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 300 rounds


  • Great FPS
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Very accurate
  • Nice rail system
  • Well-priced
  • Battery and charger included


  • Non-metal construction

9. H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG


MP5s are awesome tactical weapons, and the H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG is one of the coolest airsoft guns to hit the streets. Made by arguably the best airsoft gun brand, this mighty airsoft MP5 is constructed of extra-strong reinforced polymer and metal, making it both durable and lightweight; a prized combo that you won’t find mentioned in many other airsoft gun reviews.

Although it’s more affordable than the majority of MP5 airsoft guns on the market, H&K didn’t skimp on the internals when creating the MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG. With a full metal gearbox, ported piston head, O-ring cylinder head, and an upgraded air nozzle for superior compression, the impressive MP5 airsoft gun works like a dream in almost any scenario.

Honestly, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about this H&K MP5. Considered by many MP5 aficionados as the top airsoft gun around, it will provide you with plenty of CQB fun! Forget about cheap airsoft electric pistols or zany clear airsoft guns and check out the H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG today. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Classic CQB design
  • Metal and polymer construction
  • Upgraded internals
  • Authentic push pins
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Muzzle velocity – 360 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 200 rounds


  • Very well-made
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Extremely accurate for an MP5
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lots of compatible mags
  • Battery and charger included


  • No rails for scope and other accessories

10. FN Herstal P90 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle

FN Herstal P90 AEG

Basic electric BB guns are a thing of the past. Say hello to the future with the Herstal P90 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle! Designed to dominate any tactical situation, this authentic looking P90 is the top airsoft gun option for anyone who wants an incredibly realistic P90 but doesn’t want to break the bank.

The top-quality airsoft pullpup features an extremely light and durable polymer stock and frame, a full metal upper, and a full-length inner barrel, making it a great P90 airsoft gun in terms of both accuracy and range. Unlike airsoft guns pistols and some of the other models mentioned in subpar airsoft gun reviews, the FN Herstal P90 AEG also comes equipped with a tactical optic rail.

When you consider its 400 FPS muzzle capacity, authentic craftsmanship, and laughably low price tag as well, this airsoft SMG is tough to beat.

  • Electric powered airsoft gun
  • Bullpup design
  • High-quality polymer stock and frame
  • Full metal upper
  • Tactical optic rail
  • Muzzle velocity – 370-380 FPS
  • Magazine capacity – 300 rounds


  • Very well-priced
  • Excellent compact design
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Looks like the real thing
  • Very good accuracy and range
  • Battery and charger included


  • Different spring to lower FPS is needed for CQB

Points to Consider When Buying an Airsoft Gun

Selecting the best airsoft gun for you and your needs can be a tough task to say the least. You could read endless airsoft gun reviews, but in order to pick out just the right one, you must first consider a few key factors, such as:

Type of Shooting

Before you even get into price, rails, polymers, and gearboxes, the very first thing to consider when buying an airsoft gun is the type of shooting you plan doing. Do you plan on doing CQB? If so, you’ll want a lightweight and easy to maneuver machine gun airsoft or tactical assault rifle with a high rate of fire and lower FPS.

If you plan doing some hunting or target shooting on the other hand, you’ll want to choose from quality airsoft electric rifles with a higher FPS, superior accuracy, and optic rails for scopes and other accessories. On the other hand, if you simply plan on having some fun backyard wars, the best pistol brands make a variety of good airsoft pistols that will do the trick.



The gearbox is the driving force of an airsoft rifle and its heart and soul. Quality airsoft guns have full metal gearboxes with metal gears for increased durability and greater muzzle velocity.


A faster motor results in a faster rate of fire. Therefore, the best airsoft guns have high-torque motors capable of shooting hundreds of rounds per minute. For CQB and tournament play, the faster a gun’s rate of fire, the better.


Most airsoft gun rifles are modeled after real-life military guns. Therefore, many airsofters choose a gun based on their favorite military firearms. As such, the most popular airsoft gun models include:

  • M4
  • M16
  • MP5
  • G36
  • P90
  • AK

Inner Barrel

Inner Barrel

The longer the inner barrel of an airsoft gun, the greater its range and muzzle velocity. Thus, hunters and target shooters generally prefer airsoft rifles with longer inner barrels for increased range and damage upon impact.


For a new airsoft enthusiast, the cost of a quality airsoft gun can be quite daunting. Unless you know what to look for, finding good cheap airsoft guns can seem like an impossible task. Even the best spring airsoft pistols, which are at the bottom of the airsoft heap as rifles rule the roost, can cost a pretty penny.

That being said, there are some quality airsoft guns available for considerably less than the going rate. You may have to sacrifice on build quality, accuracy, or FPS, but there are options out there for every budget.


Weight usually isn’t the first thing new airsoft aficionados think about when shopping for an airsoft gun. However, the weight of a gun can have a huge impact on its durability, maneuverability, and ease of use. For instance, the best co2 airsoft pistol weighs a fraction of an airsoft light machine gun, but both are designed for very different uses and types of shooters.

If you want to go all Rambo with an airsoft LMG, there are certainly some powerful and quite hefty models out there with your name on it. On the other hand, if you want to get into CQB, then a lightweight tactical rifle or pistol would be best. Since the weight of an airsoft gun can affect your comfort and performance, just remember to keep it in mind before clicking the buy button.

Where to Buy the Best Airsoft Gun

Where to Buy the Best Airsoft Gun

If you’re searching for electric airsoft guns for sale and wondering where to buy airsoft guns, you’ll be happy to know these awesome machines are available at a number of places both on and offline. In addition to Amazon airsoft guns, there are a variety of airsoft gun reviews like ours capable of pointing you in the right direction.

There are a number of places online serving up great deals on cheap airsoft rifles, cheap airsoft pistols, and cheap electric airsoft guns. However, just because you can get great deals online, doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best. In fact, many of the top airsoft gun models are available online from stores like Amazon as well.

Local stores near you likely sell airsoft guns as well, but due to the markups to cover rent and expenses, you can almost always find better deals on the Web.

Making the Decision

Making the Decision

If you’re new to airsofting, you just received a crash course and learned about some of the very best airsoft guns on the market today. However, what good is knowledge if you don’t put it to use?

As you know by now, there’s an excellent selection of awesome airsoft guns out there just waiting to be used. So, go ahead and pick one out already!

Whether you’re ex-military and looking for a fun and safe outlet to display your tactical skill or a loving dad looking to spend a little quality time with your son, airsoft is a great sport that will provide you with plenty of action, excitement, and fun.

If you’re still unsure about which airsoft gun is best for you, consider the factors above, read the reviews in this guide one more time, and pull the trigger on a great airsoft gun today!